The Glory of the Lord shall be revealed. ~Isaiah 40:5


“God’s Rays” by Kristina Lishawa Photography

I live a few miles from the grand Cathedral of Saint Paul. I often visit the majestic space, just to sit and pray. I love being surrounded by sacred artwork, statues of great saints, and votive candles that flicker brightly.

But I know God’s glory cannot be contained in this masterpiece of a church.

If we open our hearts, we can find God’s glory at our kitchen table or in a conversation we have with a stranger. When we encourage a co-worker, support a friend, or receive the care of a loved one, the glory of the Lord shines upon us. In laughter that doubles us over or in heartaches we think we will never survive, our glorious God resides.

During these days of Advent, search for the glory of God. You may find it in an unexpected place.