Turning to his disciple in private, he said, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. Luke 10:23


“Frost & Forest” Kristina Lishawa Photogrpahy

This past summer, as I walked through our neighborhood, I passed two elderly women walking arm in arm. One of the woman was blind, her gaze completely unfocused.   Nonetheless, the two of them strolled merrily as they passed a bush adorned with red roses.

“The roses look like wine” said the full-sighted woman. I watched as she picked a flower for her blind companion. Their friendship was wondrous to behold.

Now that Advent is here, the rose bushes are weighted down with snow. With the cold winds of December blowing, I doubt the two women will venture out again until spring. But their image remains with me.

During these Advent days, watch for beautiful sights. Let your eyes be blessed.