Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home. ~Luke 1:56


Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months. It’s not a stretch to imagine the two of them having long conversations about all that God was doing in their lives. I have this image of them eating dinner together. In my mind’s eye, I see the two of them breaking bread while the sun set over Elizabeth’s hillside home.

I can almost hear Mary say:   Oh Elizabeth…I said yes to the angel. I told him I would be the handmaiden of the Lord.”

And I see Elizabeth smiling, her face a sweet canvas of wrinkles. Yes Mary…God is accomplishing the impossible. Can you believe that I am pregnant at this age?

Centuries later, we can only imagine what their conversations were like. However, we know for sure that these two friends shared a sacred bond. Yes, they were decades apart in years, but their friendship wasn’t based on age. It was rooted in the stories of faith they shared.

During this Advent season, try befriending someone who isn’t the same age as you are. If you have a few wrinkles, find a young Mary to mentor. The millennial women in our church are yearning for wisdom that can’t be found on Facebook or twitter.   They need eye contact and encouragement from those of us who have lived our stories.

If you are Mary’s age, try visiting the home of an older Elizabeth.   Break bread with a wise woman who will affirm your hopes and dreams.   Laugh and pray together.   Let your stories bind you together in Christ.