By Alyssa Bormes

Glenn3095 Girl Wearing Walking Boots Hiking Up A Mountain

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

They told me at the store that these boots were indeed made for walking, however, my skeleton doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo!

Next June, my stepsister Brenda and I will walk the Camino. Among our intentions for pilgrimage is the fourth commandment; we want to honor our father—well, to be specific, Jim is her father and my stepfather. We will begin in some far away place called the Pyrenees, then walk across Spain. We will begin our 500-mile journey with a single step.

As it turns out, I took my first step in my new boots on Labor Day—which now seems very appropriate. I know, I know—I should really have some manner of a hiking shoe. Well, that seems like a good idea if I didn’t have my wildly roll-able ankles. After a first 3-mile hike with my boots, I realized that, although they are light boots, they are substantially heavier than my tennies—and after the walk, my left knee was begging for its old friend, the brace. Do you want to hear about my left hip and its issues? Yes—well then keep tuning into the blog.

Me walking 500 miles? What am I thinking?

But then I remember my intention—and many more walks are on the calendar.

These boots are made for walking, and they will surely see me through many days of aches and pains. The pilgrimage will be one of the great tests of my life. But Jim—my stepdad & Brenda’s dad—will meet us in Santiago, Spain on his birthday, which is the Feast of St. James—and my boots want to be there!