By Alyssa Bormes

wendy inner peaceThere are certain phrases in the Bible that are comforting; I especially like, “Here I am.”

On the 20th of May, at 3am in the morning, we were called to the hospital; my mother was dying. Father Johnson had anointed her on the Sunday previous, and was now with us in her last moments, granting her the Apostolic pardon, and guiding her to eternity. When he arrived, he began by saying, “Karol, it’s Father Joseph. I’m here because Jesus will be calling your name very soon. When He calls your name, you say, ‘Here I am,’ and you go right to Him. Until He calls your name, keep repeating, ‘Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you.”

His voice was so certain; nothing was held back. His voice was soothing, yet still filled the room. There was a firmness – a giving of instructions. But at the same time, Father was confirming for my mother that she has known the way for her whole life. Follow the Sacraments, the Saints, the Angels, follow your whole life of service, your amazing “yes” to life – follow all these things back to their beginning.

I don’t suppose that my heart ever broke more completely than at the death of my mother. But right in the midst was a sense of gratitude and joy. Jesus was going to call her name. And her whole life to that moment was a confirmation that she knew the answer, “Here I am!”

Godspeed, Mom!


Alyssa Bormes

Alyssa Bormes – Popular author, speaker, and retreat leader, Alyssa Bormes helps ignite in her audiences a new found sense of wonder in the Church, through humor, analogy, and an innate gift of storytelling. Her passion is to inspire others to take on greater personal responsibility for their faith and to grow in spiritual maturity.