By Janae Bower

A lot of men have their “man cave;” a special place that they can go to get away and be alone.  It’s often quipped with “toys for boys” and usually reserved for “boys only.” No one knows what transpires there, and it’s probably best to leave it that way.  My husband, John, doesn’t have one, but I do. I call it my “God Cave.”

But thou when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy father which is in secret, and thy father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.
– King James Version (1611) – 

“But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees {what is done} in secret will reward you.
– New American Standard Version (1995)

It’s a special place that I go to be with God. It’s where I’m at right now – surprise, surprise! It’s in my office, the special place that I intentionally communicate with God. I’m alone and it’s private. No one, except God, has any idea what I do in the wee hours in the morning or the wee hours at night. It’s probably best.

What do I do in my God Cave? I pray. I meditate. I study. I write. I listen. I create. I cry. I want. I wonder. I hope. I dream.

How do I feel when I’m there? I am at peace. I feel so alive and enlivened. I am completely restful, completely hopeful, and completely calm. I lose all sense of time, worries, and boundaries. I feel so awake and I awaken to God’s messages that He wants me to share. I lose myself in the joy of connecting deeply and expressing myself from my soul. It’s as if I’ve come home to my soul’s essence.

What does my God Cave look like?  It’s part of our home office as I work from home. I have created this office space to surround me in love and positive energy. I sit in a large papasan chair. I love how this chair is circular and so cozy that I can cuddle up within and feel God’s loving embrace.

Right above the chair is a picture I designed and framed that has my life’s mission on it: Finding IT, Living IT, Giving IT Away. It’s symbolically above me as I sit to signify that my mission is from the One above, driven by God. It is something that I strive to live up to and what will keep me living with purpose.

To the left and right of me, I have two bookcases with each shelf containing special items, momentous, books, and pictures that inspire me and bring me hope. Each thing I have on my “spiritual altars” is there for a reason and has deep significance for me. Sometimes some of the items change and some of the items have been up there since the first time I put up the bookcases.

Special items signify the importance of each role in my life. Faith (cross, rosary, Mary statues, Jesus pictures, angels, prayer chain); marriage (oneness covenant and picture of John and I with our Couples in Christ ministry shirts on); mother (mother poem, picture of me with my three boys, and special pictures they created for me); family (pictures of my extended family and in-laws); friends (picture of my closest friends and a print that says Find Your Wings and Soar); work (special knickknacks with the words inspire, gratitude and  love along with special projects I’m working on); and community (volunteer projects and a cross for church).

I have a scrapbook nearby that contains my vision board that I’ve created for the year.  This allows me to reflect on it and feel all the gratitude coming into my life for living out these visions I’ve planted in my heart.  On the floor beside me, I have a basket full of my spiritual books (Bible, devotionals, and whatever other book I’m reading) and my gratitude journal. I also have my favorite purple (highest spiritual color) clipboard with plain blank paper near me for all of my insights and inspirations.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my God Cave and a peak into my inner life.

  • The question: What does (or would) your God Cave look and feel like?

Janae10 (2)Janae Bower is a transformational author, inspirational speaker and life-purpose coach.  Her mission is to inspire and transform hearts.  Through FaithWalk Retreats, she encourages Catholic women to live boldly and fearlessly. Janae loves her faith and created the Love Affair with God transformational experience, her newest program, to help inspired women fall deeply in love with God. Together with her husband, John, they founded a small-group ministry for married couples called Couples in Christ. Janae is especially grateful for her three sons – Gavin, Grant and Garrett.