Vine and Branches

By Sharon Wilson

Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own
unless it remains on the vine,
so neither can you unless you remain in me.
I am the vine, you are the branches.

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I had a chance to speak with a group of women recently about WINE: Women In the New Evangelization.  As part of my presentation I told part of my story of my (re) conversion to the church and how WINE fit into my zeal for evangelization. Basically I use my story to set up the work of WINE and why I am dedicated for it to succeed. I didn’t see my story as connecting with people but as more of a tool to explain the ministry. I guess God had other plans.
Afterword I received an e-mail from a women at the presentation.  In it she shared her journey and what she reveled was that along the many steps of her journey,  someone gently invited her.  Someone invited her to pray. Someone invited her to church. Someone invited her to a bible study and someone invited her to a retreat.  She explained in her e-mail that my story gave her encouragement to persevere.

What amazed me was the intertwining of branches that has nurtured her growth toward Christ.

I didn’t know when I set out that day that God might use my words to encourage another.

When we are rooted in the TRUE vine. He uses us beyond what we know or plan.

Who might you meet today that needs you to strengthen their branch?

Are you rooted in the true vine?

Spend some time with John 15: 1-8