In times when we face our darkest hour, we can go to where we know the Lord to be. We can go to the Scripture, to prayer, to Adoration, to the Sacraments, to the Eucharist. We can go to where we know the Lord to be, and though at the time we may still feel empty and alone, we can take great comfort knowing He is there.

Scripture tells us that Mary Magdalene stood at the tomb weeping, but it also tells us her faith, love, courage and devotion to Jesus resulted in the greatest of rewards—she was the first (besides our Blessed Mother, as the Church Fathers teach) to see the Risen Lord! And get this, she got to be the one to proclaim it to the world. “I have seen the Risen Lord!”

On this Holy Saturday, or on any dark days you face in the future: Go To Where You Know Jesus To Be!