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Mourning2TimGreenFlkrCreativeCommonsSaturday, March 28, 2015

I will turn their mourning into joy.  Jeremiah 31:13

When a person is grieving, it’s hard to wake up in the morning.  The awful realization that death has taken away a loved one is excruciating. But with God’s help, the wounds of grief will heal.  At some point, a bereaved person might say: “I’ve survived.”

Though healing comes at a sluggish pace, it does come.

If your Lenten mornings are filled with sorrow, just feel what needs to be felt.

God is present, even in the pain.

Rest assured that healing will come.

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  • Sharon Wilson

    Thank you Nancy Jo, 22 years ago we lost a child to Sudden Infant Death. It was the Monday of Holy Week. I often feel the sadness at this time of year but am so grateful that God is in my life now.

  • Karolyn Gerard

    My family

    • Cynthia

      I think you mean wine, but the vine is nice too! And so is the book frame. To use this I’d have to start using a bookmark my half-read books are alayws just left butterflied open until they’re read. For me this would be the display for the book I’ve just finished.

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