In LENT Reflections

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.06.33 PMCome, Let us sing joyfully to the LordPsalm 95:1

There’s a Catholic church not far from my home. On Sunday mornings, familiar hymns chime from the bell tower above the church.  Last Sunday morning, the bells began to play: “Amazing Grace.”  As I walked to church, I began singing along with the bells:

Tis grace that brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home…

As the sun warmed my face, the lyrics brought comfort and peace.

Perhaps your Lenten journey has been filled with some unexpected challenges. If it’s hard to pray, try singing some of the great hymns you know by heart.

Let the music of heaven heal your soul.


© By Nancy Jo Sullivan

Photo by Deb Keller, CCW

  • Kelly Wahlquist

    I love this! I was having a really bad day on time… everything was crumbling… and a good friend said, “I want you to get in your car and drive to a Christian book store. Go up to the counter and ask for the best ‘kick’n’ praise & worship CD. Buy it… and blast it all the way home.” So, I did… and it changed my day, and possibly my life.

    Thanks for sharing this simple message!

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