xmas giftGive and gifts will be given to you, a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. (Luke 6:38)

That morning, I was the presenter at a retreat for young adults with disabilities.  As I stood at the podium, I felt hesitant. Everywhere I looked I saw wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, oxygen tanks, and picture boards. Though I had prepared a special talk, I set aside my notes. Leaning into the microphone, I asked:  “Has anyone seen God?”

A young man with cerebral palsy slowly raised his stiffened arm. “I see God at church,” he said.  Soon, a smiling man with Downs syndrome pointed to the ceiling. “God is in the stars.  BEEEE-U-TEE-FUL,” he called out.  At one point, a lad with a wide grin simply walked to the podium and patted me on the back.  “You’re doing a great job,” he told me. Everyone clapped and cheered.

As I stood there, it felt like I was being drenched in a rain shower of joy.

As the minutes worn on, everyone continued to share their encounters with the Lord. In the midst of it all, I noticed a young girl in a wheelchair; she could barely lift her head. Nonetheless, she waved to me and said:  “I see God every day.”

Though I couldn’t make eye contact with her, a reverent silence filled the gymnasium.

“I see God in you…”  I told her.

That morning, I had come prepared to give a talk. Instead, I had received the power and presence of Christ.

As you move forward on your Lenten Journey, share your gifts with great joy.

You may receive much more than you give.