Friday February 20

Cry out full-throated and unsparingly, lift up your voice like a trumpet blast.

Isaiah 58:1

As a teenager, I attended summer camp in Colorado. One morning, before the sun came up, a band of trumpet players stormed our cabin.  The blast of their horns quickly roused everyone in our cabin from a deep sleep.  Led by the band, we marched to the breakfast hall in our pajamas.

Perhaps God is sounding the trumpet of truth in your life.    Maybe he is rousing you from a sin that is weighing you down or inviting you to change an area of your life.

Sometimes, God’s voice is loud.   In the book of Job we read:  “Again his voice roars—the majestic sound of his thunder” (Job 37:4)

This Lent, if God voice sounds like a trumpet or a roar, don’t be alarmed.  He’s just trying to get your attention.